Blu-J Estate Sales LLC is an insured estate and business liquidation company. We have been in business since 2009 and average 35+ sales a year. We serve the Bitterroot Valley, Missoula, western Montana from Kalispell to Darby and St Regis to Butte and beyond!

  Blu-J works with executors, home owners, families, realtors, attorneys, CPA's, banks and even the City of Hamilton to help sell the contents of a property.

  Blu-J conducts more estate sales than anyone in the state.

  There is no bad time for a Blu-J Sale. We host successful sales year round. We have conducted successful sales on holidays, weekdays and weekends. We've hosted sales in blizzards downpours and heatwaves. In the summer everyone is out and in the winter there is less to do and we have truly become an event and social gathering to attend which means more buyers for you.

  Blu-J conducts sales usually on Thursday nights after work so the general public can attend. The sales generally make it into the next day and are often sold out by mid day.

  Blu-J can run two sales a week. One sells out and we go and open the next sale the same day in the evening.

  Blu-J can handle everyday household, shop  and tools, antiques, collectibles, coins, automobiles  and store inventory.

  Blu J features a very successful sealed bid auction format for automobiles, farm equipment, and special items of high value.

 Blu-J has an excellent source for gun sales and coin sales we can put you in touch with.

 Blu J is first and foremost a liquidation company for the personal effects of a home including everything from the dish soap to the automobiles.

  We are not antique dealers, home stagers or house cleaners. We do not have a conflict of interest. We do not own a thrift store or an antique store or antique mall spot. We sell your items for you at your place. We do not bring a trailer full of items to sell at your sale nor do we load a trailer with your items at the end of sale to sell somewhere else.  We do not wish to resell your unsold items again. We can do it right the first time. At your sale.

  Blu-J is the busiest for a multiple of reasons from both the buyer and seller perspectives.

  For Blu-J's clients we view the business in its entirety. From advertising, traffic flow, value and accounting options to post sale cleanout options.

Approximately 80% of our sales are referrals from clients, attorneys, realtors, exectuors and buyers. We have conducted over 250 sales since 2009. No one in the state even comes close.

   For Blu-J's buyers we understand they have the natural human curiosity to hunt and gather. They will find the treasures and buy more everyday items along the way if we leave things where they are. Exceptions, of course, are made, for small valuables such as jewelry, coins or extremely fragile items. These are located next to cashier. Moving an item does not raise its value. In actuality a staged home where items are highlighted in one or two rooms reduces peoples inclination to look through drawers, closets and outbuildings. An overly staged home feels as if someone has been there before and reduces the mystery and excitement of discovery and ultimately buyers buy less.

Before the sale.

1. After you contact us we schedule a time to meet and look at your project together. We will listen to your questions and concerns and also help you see the process through our eyes.  If we think we can be of service to you we will estimate a non binding value of the estate and determine a fair commission or fee.  Quantity, quality and complexity will determine our fee.  Labor and advertising are included in the commission so there are no extra costs for you.

We can help you determine the best way to dispose of unsold and unusable items. Sometimes we can completely sell out a smaller sale. The vast majority of time there will be items at the end of the sale that can be taken to a thrift store or disposed of. We can put you in touch with a third party cleanout company and give our thoughts on how best to proceed with remaining items.

2. We pick a date, sign a contract and then go to work for you.

3. We photograph the contents of the home.

4. We market your sale in the local papers plus their online editions, Craigslist and most importantly on our website which has over 700 subscribers to our email newsletter. 7-21 days of marketing is about the correct lead time. Road signs are placed at key intersections as well.

5. We price the sale and organize your sale as needed, creating safe walkways and unstacking items for safety and convenience of buyers if needed. All boxes and drawers will be gone through by us so we can find and know what you have. Years of knowledge, internet research and phone calls to experts help us determine value for your items. Large items have square orange price tags buyers can pull. Small items are priced or unpriced. Smaller valuables are condensed and centrally located.

Items are priced to sell on the spot, not to haggle on every transaction.  We price to encourage purchases that are fair and reflective of the fact this is a one night one morning sale. The buying public has this short time frame to make time for a sale and purchase items before they get back to their lives. Buyers want to buy, not agonize. An overpriced, overpromised sale does not attract buyers and does not achieve the objective of having majority of contents sold.

We are honest about value and objective of sale.

If you are ready to sell we can sell it for you.

If your heart and emotions are driving the perceived value in your mind, take some time before you have the sale. We deal in reality and will not make flowery front end promises in order to get your sale.

Beware low commission quotes and high value estimates.
We deal in truth and the real time market place.

Sale day.

1. Signs on highways and off limits areas cordoned off.

2. We have a crew of varying size depending on the sale with different responsibilities. Parking attendant if needed, stationary crew to direct the crew that assists the buyers and at checkout I price the buyers purchases, give them a receipt and they pay cashier. We have an attendant in the holding area as well.

3. As items sell we condense the remaining items into main rooms and close out rooms when we can, making sure sale stays tidy and shows that it is being sold down.

4. Due to nature of sale and the literally hundreds of items sold individually in a sale we do not inventory. We do record each total sale transaction on Day One with a numbered receipt given to each buyer who presents this to cashier when paying. This shows us number of transactions and average total purchase price. We are happy to give these to you.

On Day Two I carry a mobile till so I can walk and sell the sale. This generally consists of many small $1-10 transactions with a few larger ticket items being purchased as well. The majority of business is conducted the first night and the second day is very busy with many small transactions.

Generally on Day One, discounts are not given on small items or sales or high value or in demand items though it is not unusual to discount if someone is purchasing a large group of items.

Some items will achieve their full value. Some will not.

The true value of an estate sale is both the total sales and the fact that the majority of the contents have been bought and removed from the home. This is where Blu-J is unparalleled.  Our trump card is enough buyers. Period. End of story.



After the sale.

1. At sales end we will make sure home is left per contract, lock up and return keys where requested. You will have items left after the sale.  Some will be thrift store quality. Some will be no longer usable. We will tidy up

and condense the best we can to keep it neat and give you a better view of which direction to head in post sale.

2. We will pay you by Monday following the sale into your account of choice via deposit or cashiers check which we can mail if requested. We will email or call to let you know the deposit has ocurred and will either email or mail your settlement statement.